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Transfer Students


Ready for a new educational adventure? Transfer to SKYCTC and continue building a better future. Here’s how to apply.

Apply as a transfer student if you have earned college credits from another college or university. If you haven’t taken college classes, apply as a first-time freshman.

How to Apply

It’s easy to transfer to SKYCTC, and we’re here to help. Just follow these four steps:

Submit the Application for Admission. It’s free, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

To get started you'll need:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • An email address that we can use to contact you.
  • Name and address of the high school you have attended.
  • Name and address of any colleges you have attended.

    Start Your Application

You can order your high school transcript at or your GED transcripts at Don’t forget to send transcripts for all previously attended non-KCTCS colleges, for example, any dual credit classes you may have taken in high school.

Submit your test scores or take placement testing. You can submit your ACT scores, AP scores, or schedule placements testing.

  • You can request ACT scores online. ACT scores are valid for five years, and benchmark scores are as follows: English 14, Math 15, and Reading 15. (If your ACT scores do not meet these benchmarks, please schedule placement testing with the Career & Academic Planning Center using the link below.) 

  • AP scores may be used for placement instead of ACT scores. To request your scores, please go to

You can schedule placement testing in Bowling Green online. You can also schedule a test at Franklin-Simpson Center by contacting Donna Hayden or at Glasgow campuses by contacting Erika Wood or Mark Powell.

Apply for financial aid. Scholarships, grants and loans make a great education even more affordable. Get more details on how to pay for college.

And that’s it! You’ve taken the next step in a promising educational journey.

Questions about transferring to SKYCTC? Contact us. We’re happy to walk you through the process and help you create the future you deserve.